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The inCLOUD Expenses Manager makes the completion of claims a very efficient process.
The employee enters their claim into a self-service portal with pre-defined parameters in accordance with company policies. Submission, approval, and forwarding to accounts is electronic and very streamlined.
The use of pre-defined parameters helps aid accurate accounting for matters such as VAT and P11d matters.
The system reduces tardiness, helping employee relations and removing the need for emergency payment runs.
The Expenses remain on the document repository, easily retrievable via our system.
Expense Manager saves more in time than it costs.
Here are some of the benefits of using Company Expenses
Efficiency savings
Integral to our system is that all actions are handled electronically, ensuring minimal delays between procurer, authorising manager and supplier whilst also ending the movement of paper.
Expenditure controlled
Our system lets you set authorisation limits for each authoriser, plus you can have single or multi-approval rule sets, all controlled by an authorisation matrix.
Multiple authoriser control
Approval ‘routes’ can be created based on suppliers requiring multiple signatures.
Company policy and HMRC compliance
Parameters can be set (e.g. mileage rates, VAT rules) to assist with enforcing company policy and HMRC compliance.
Easy and permanent retrieval
All Expense claims are stored in a document repository readily available from our system.
The inCLOUD Expenses system suits businesses of all sizes.
No IT department needed
No software to install. All you need is a web browser on an internet-connected device.
Auto calculated (can be overridden).
Output to accounts package
The system can output a file for subsequent upload to accounts packages.