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InCLOUD Software Limited is a forward looking company, dedicated to developing practical business cloud based solutions that provide real benefits to companies, whilst remaining very cost effective.

Our team consists of accountants, with decades of experience in industry. They are tasked with conceiving solutions to real-life issues encountered over many years. The solutions are then presented to our software developers who turn the functional requirements into very streamlined applications that deliver real benefits to our customers.

Why a Cloud-based Solution?

The move to a Cloud based service amongst large companies is already happening, but for the small and medium sized company such a move is treated with trepidation. Unfortunately, this often stops the move and the company does not enjoy the benefits that are available. SME’s should understand the benefits of this method of deploying solutions, and perhaps consider cloud solutions as a worthy replacement for much older legacy systems.

The benefits are listed below:


  • in productivity
  • in resilience
  • in the opportunity to change working practices
  • accessibility to your existing business applications


  • in CAPEX costs
  • in software costs
  • in the need for in-house IT infrastructure
  • in IT personnel costs
  • in power costs
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